Do you work in a research community?

Do you have EU project funding to support your research / innovation? Are you now being asked to make your project results sustainable and you’re feeling lost? We understand the problem.


You’ve achieved great results thanks to your research. You’ve published your work in illustrious journals, and have been cited multiple times, but in the last couple of years this has just not been enough. The European Commission is listening to tax-payers and wants the results of research to become sustainable products and services that enter the European economy and generate positive results for all society.

There are many ways that your results might live on beyond the end of the project and benefit society both generally and specifically.

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is a positive concept that helps to ensure the continuity of research results.

It aims to make sure that your results can survive in a relevant market and that the financial resources required to break even, and keep the momentum going, are present.

Why Engage Us?

Most research consortia are not really equipped to carry out sustainability activities. Their skills relate to the creation of new knowledge, performing excellent science and in testing, but not commercialising, research results. It takes a completely different mindset to commercialise something, to speak with industry, to build a business case and to find the first clients that will pay for your research results.

We’re good at this… we’ve done it many times before: for our own research projects and also for others. We currently run our own businesses, all over Europe, and we can understand all sides of the story: from the EP and EC, to researchers, regulators, economists, entrepreneurs and industrialists.

This is really a win-win relationship… you get to keep doing what you’re best at, and we make sure that the results of your research become sustainable.

Our ethos:
We are Direct, Practical and Affordable.

Confidentiality is key to what we do.

The Team

Our sustainability team is full of expertsentrepreneurs and mentors, but they’re not full of hot air. They work directly with you, helping you, guiding you and really becoming part of your extended team. They will help you to successfully take your research to market. We’re not the usual consultants that treat you like a number… to us you’re as important as our core colleagues. We become one team.

Our experts communicate with you, and between themselves, to deliver the best possible service: a service based on practical experience founded in the kind of areas you are working in now and in solving the kinds of problem you are trying to solve now.

Importantly, our team will deliver measurable results.

Our Services are very flexible

Our services are flexible and can easily fit into your project lifecycle, into your mobility schedule and with your preferred mode of engagement.

Tempo Flexibility

Tempo Flexibility

We work with you at your pace and deliver at a
frequency agreed between us to meet your objectives.

Engagement Flexibility

Engagement Flexibility

We work collaboratively with you to draft, jointly develop and validate models, documents, plans, strategies, etc. Advice and guidance is given not only when requested, but also when it is clearly needed but has not yet been requested! 🙂

Location Flexibility

Location Flexibility

We can work with you during on site visits to your offices, or at project meetings and other events. Additionally, we can effectively work remotely through: eMeetings and AV conferencing systems, email and phone messaging.

Lifecycle Flexibility

Lifecycle Flexibility

We are able to work with you during the project’s lifetime, or after the project has finished. We have already taken results and (willing) personnel from projects into real businesses.

Our Expertise

We have specific technical expertise in the following domains:


ICT, Software and Services

Digital Culture

Social Sciences

Natural Sciences

Training and eLearning


Our Services

We have a great deal of operational expertise in the following areas:

Business Modelling
Market Research
Finance and Economics
Legal Entity Registration
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Enterprise Strategic Analysis
Sales and Marketing
Understanding Client Needs and Requirements
Policy Development
Service Portfolio Development
Investment and Funding
IPR Protection Support
Management and Leadership
Negotiation and Mediation
Operations Support
Customer Care and Account Management
Legal and Regulatory Advisory


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